My Learning Blog

Hello! Im Cher and welcome to my Japanese language learning blog.

Ive studied the Japanese language for almost 3 years now but, unfortunately, with very low progress. I have passed levels 4 and 3 of the JLPT but lack of practical use stagnates my learning. So in an effort to relearn Basic Japanese and advance to Intermediate Japanese, I’ve created this blog.

Also, aside from simply learning the Japanese language, I also intend this blog to be a place to meet new friends. So I hope to see more of you in the coming days.

Ja, mata ne.


3 Responses to My Learning Blog

  1. shana says:


  2. Sirione says:

    Shiroi! ^_^
    I’ve studied the japanese language for 3 years now, but unfortunately, with lower progress due to work contraints 😦 It’s a cool thing that you’re blogging so at least you can rub off a little bit of your learning on us! ^_^

  3. shiRoi says:

    hopefully this time mapadayun gyd hehe i hope maka learn sd gyd ko diri. 🙂 mayta sd daghan lain people magvisit sa blog para mugrow. and may sd unta naay mu join 🙂 para daghan na ta mag learn dungan hehe

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