[WOTD] imaimashii – annoying

R: imaimashii
H: いまいましい
K: 忌忌しい、忌々しい
E: annoying

Legend: R – Romaji, H – Hiragana, K – Kanji, E – English

I was annoyed by another passenger last night, thus, the word of the day.

Imaimashii is an i-adjective. (notice it ends with an i. otherwise it is a na-adjective. there are special cases though.)



2 Responses to [WOTD] imaimashii – annoying

  1. Sirione says:

    sample sentence:
    Mier wa* totemo imaimashii.. Dame na hito ne 😛
    *is ‘wa’ the correct particle for this adjective? or should we use ‘ga’ ?

  2. shiRoi says:

    ok ra ga or wa. pero if emphasized gyd ang subject wa is beter. wa as in waren haha :p Dame ka warui ka… :$
    atama o hapak-suru toki ni wa, tep mo imaimashii! hihihi dame dame!

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