Hiragana a i u e o – ka ki ku ke ko

Today let’s memorize the Hiragana of a, i, u, e, o and ka ki ku ke ko. I have included here a guide on their proper strokes.

I have also attached an activity sheet that you can print and practice what we’ve learned today. 🙂 Click on the image to view full version.


Source: http://www.mlcjapanese.co.jp/
Image source: I forgot 😦


12 Responses to Hiragana a i u e o – ka ki ku ke ko

  1. KliCk says:


  2. KliCk says:

    -_-; I posted more than that in my last comment 😦 I put “The ‘ka’ row/column is my favorite of them all. I’ve always wondered what handwritten kana looks like written by a japanese person, or someone else, on an every day basis. Maybe you could show us some examples in later lessons or something ^_^”

  3. shiRoi says:

    ニックーさん こんにちは。 that’s interesting! 🙂
    unfortunately our sensei just resigned 😦 i could have asked her for that hehe
    demo ganbarou! 🙂
    just a little clarification. what examples do you mean exactly?
    ja, mata ne 🙂

  4. KliCk says:

    Just a simple little sample of writing. I’m not really sure how to explain it. 🙂 A long time ago I used to watch a school’s satelite broadcast of their japanese class, and they had this really cool japanese lady who went with them and did the samples of writing the hiragana and katakana out. It was just really fun watching her write them out. 🙂

  5. shiRoi says:

    ah, wakarimashita 🙂

  6. annika says:

    This is so great ^_^ this software is downloading now cant wait to see it….I learn Japanese at school and this should help me allot…

  7. ToNki says:

    Konichiwa. Watashi wa Tonki desu.shumi wa sportsu desu. hajime masite dozo yoroshiku.
    Ja Mata`

  8. Jorden Snapp says:

    im taking japanese at my school and this will definitely help me get ahead of everyone in my class!

    arigatoo gozimasu 🙂

  9. NinjaSnake says:

    why does it have ki cut off, i thought it was almost rounded but open in the end of the semi circle… reminding me of a sixteenthh note….

  10. shiRoi says:

    it’s just a matter of style. or maybe its because its caligraphy (?). when i write i normally dont connect them as well 🙂
    same applies to さ. try writing them fast.

  11. NinjaSnake says:

    i guess that’s true thanks, now my next question is, where is the rest of the alphabet in this style

  12. shiRoi says:

    you can get it from the Meguro Language Center

    here is the direct link to the worksheet:

    if you go to the main page, the link for the free study materials are at the bottom of the page 🙂

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