[WOTD] はちみつ – Honey

R: hachimitsu
H: はちみつ
K: 蜂蜜
E: Honey

Hachimitsu is composed of two words, hachi and mitsu. Hachi means bee while mitsu means nectar. Mitsu by itself also means honey.

Kinou watashi wa butaniku with hachimitsu-garlic sauce o tabemashita. yum! Amai ryouri ga daisuki desu. 🙂
きの わたし は ぶたにく with はちみつ-garlic sauce を たべました。 yum! あまい りょうり が だいすき です。:)
Yesterday, I ate pork chops with honey-garlic sauce. yum! I like sweet dishes a lot. 🙂

For the vocabulary used in the sentence:

  • kinou (昨日)- yesterday
  • butaniku (豚肉)- pork (buta=pig, niku=meat)
  • tabemashita (食べました)- ate (past tense)
  • amai (甘い)- sweet
  • ryouri (料理)- dish, cuisine
  • daisuki (大好き)- like (dai add emphasis)

How about you? What have you eaten recently that you really like? 🙂 Drop a comment.



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