Hiragana Writing Lessons


Gomenasai. I cannot post new Hiragana Writing lessons as I mistakingly uninstalled my Office 2003 and I do not have the installer right now. (I use the Document Imager feature of 2003 to make page prints of the pdf file.)

If you still want to continue practicing your Hiragana and maybe proceed with the Katakana script, you may download the pdf file at Meguro Language Center Download site. (Note: to save the pdf file i linked here, right click “pdf file” and click Save Link As. Clicking the link will open the pdf file in a new window.)

We will try to catch up when I get the chance to reinstall my Office. 🙂



2 Responses to Hiragana Writing Lessons

  1. Ken says:

    Hi , Cher-san
    I enjoy this web-site. It’s really interesting and I’ve just kwnown how you’ve been learning Japanese.
    I guess the video clip you’ve just given us would be taken in the eraly 80’s. I can see that from the women’s hairstyle in the video and the car Mr. Kato was driving must be a good old Nissan “Leopard.” The clip reminds me of a good old central Tokyo scene.
    That’s why I enjoy this clip.
    The Japanese appeared on the clip speak very polite Japanese, so it’s very informative.

    Ja mata ne.

  2. shiRoi says:

    Ken-san! konnichiwa
    Im so happy you dropped by 🙂
    I know i have a lot of translation mistakes. I hope you can help with the corrections 🙂
    If you have comments and suggestions about the blog and maybe about my study method, please do tell me.
    otayori tanoshimi ni shite imasu

    Ja, mata ne.

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