[WOTD] Kami – god

English Romaji Kana Kanji
god kami かみ
goddess megami めがみ 女神

megami is composed of the kanjis 女 and 神: 女 which means woman and 神 which means god

others terms for god:

nushi ぬし
tenshu てんしゅ 天主
tentei てんてい 天帝
jouten じょうてん 上天
joutei じょうてい 上帝

the kanji 天 means heaven or sky while 主 means master, lord or god.
上 means above or superior. 帝 on the other hand is also read as mikado which means emperor (of Japan).

I just watched Hercules (starring Lili Sobieski). The movie depicts the war between the god Zeus and the goddess Hera.



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