Catching up

Today I’m going to pick up from where I left off. Below is the list of my study guide for JLPT level 2:

Guide to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 2
The examinee has mastered grammar to a relatively high level, knows around 1,000 kanji and 6,000 words, and has the ability to converse, read, and write about matters of a general nature. This level is normally reached after studying Japanese for around 600 hours and after completion of an intermediate course.

Kanji: 980 *
Vocabulary: 7815 *
Grammar: 173 **

*Kanji and Vocabulary count includes JLPT 4 and 3 list.
** I can’t remember the title of the book im using now. i photocopied the book so i can make notes (a lot of notes) on it. Ill update as soon as i can.

I have provided materials you can download from this post:
1. Vocabulary List in csv format. Contains level 1 and 2 vocabulary. Open using Excel for readability.
2. Vocabulary List in csv format. Contains level 2 vocabulary only. Also has Type field (e.g. verb, noun, adjective)
3. Grammar list in word format.
4. Grammar list in spreadsheet format. The grammar list is arranged for card printing (back to back) to serve as flash cards.
5. Kanji list in spreadsheet format. Contains Kanji list for levels 1 to 4. Each kanji has a link to its appropriate page in

Note: All files are compressed. Click on the links to download file.

I hope the materials will be useful.

Target end date for level 2 will be April (17 weeks), the latest. After which I will proceed to level 1 which plan I can finish by October. By November I should already by evaluating myself by taking past exams. Hopefully I wont be too busy at work next year. And hopefully I can commit myself to reach this goal – with the right motivation. 🙂

There will be 120 days starting January 1 to April 30. With that given I should be able to take slash master:
8 kanji,
65 words and,
2 grammar points a day.

The figures for kanji and vocabulary will be less than 8 and 65 per day, respectively. That would be minus previously mastered kanji and vocabulary for levels 4 and 3 as well as loan words in the vocabulary list. 2 grammar points a day may also increase since I have previously gone through these grammar points last August. Additionally, I will be starting the study today. 🙂 That will be 6 study days more. 🙂

I will be following the order of kanji and vocabulary in the files I have provided. On the other hand. the grammar points will be patterned to the book I am currently using and not to the order given in the word document I have provided.

I will be posting a study guide for JLPT level 2 by end of April.

Isshou ni benkyoushimashou!



9 Responses to Catching up

  1. hayase says:

    shiroi are you online now? =p

  2. Great resource. I would be interested in links to similar sites. Do you know any you’d trust?

  3. shiRoi says:

    about the links, there are just too many to mention 😀
    anyway, ill try to add them

  4. Angeline says:

    Hi, I’m really interested in downloading your grammar list for JLPT Level 2. It seems very impressive. but says that the file’s not found. have you removed the file? anyway, thank you for your great blog. it’s really a blessing to have found such a useful web resource!

  5. Inuzuka says:

    Hi, like Angeline I got an error downloading the files. Could you make them availyble again?


  6. shiRoi says:

    -ill try to find the file in my archive and upload it.

    sorry for the late reply.
    i havent logged in for a very long time T_T

  7. Alejandro says:

    Heys, did you finded it?

  8. John says:


    I’m taking the level 2 test this year. Would you be able to re-upload the files or send them to my email address? Thank you very much.


  9. […] also had a look way back on my blog and found my post on my JLPT 2 study plan but I lost all the files I put up. I’ve also moved a lot since then and can’t seem to […]

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