Level 2 Grammar : ~niouji

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~に応じ / ~に応じた / ~に応じて
~におうじ / ~におうじた / ~におうじて

~niouji / ~oujita / ~oujite

意味: Depending on~, According to~, In response to~ *
接続: [名]+に応じて

Muri o shinaide tairyoku ni oujita undou o shite kudasai.
Don’t over exert yourself, exercise according to your physical strength.


Muri – impossible, overdoing
shinaide – don’t. This is the negative form of shite. notice how the te is changed to de. This is not found in the conjugation table.
undou – exercise
shite kudasai – please do. Shite is the te-form of suru which means to do. kudasai means please.

A common use of this expression would be “… according to height”, たかさにおうじて (takasa ni oujite)

takasa – height. takasa is formed from taka + sa where take is from takai (い形-○). takai means high

When におうじた is used, it modifies the noun that follows it. In the example above, におうじた modifies oundou. So the above sentence can be literally translated to:

Don’t over exert yourself. Please do the exercise that is according to your physical strength.

A simpler equivalent of this sentence would be:

Tairyoku ni oujite, undou shite kudasai.
Please exercise according to your physical strength.

In this new sentence, におうじて does not modify undou because undou here is followed by shite which makes it a verb (undou shite).

I cannot be sure though if におうじた should always followed by a noun (but theoretically it should). Can anyone please confirm?

When におうじた means in response to, it is similar to the expression にこたえて (に応えて – ni kotaete). Be careful with the kanji of にこたえて. It is に応えて and not に答えて, same kanji as に応じて。


A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar – ISBN-4789007758


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