Basic Japanese Ep. 2 Part 1

This episode contains a review of “Watashi wa ___ desu. Douzo yoroshiku.” and more examples on the use of kore and sore.


Essential vocabulary:

isu – chair
tabako – cigarette
shinbun – newspaper
megane – eyeglass
ame – rain
kasa – umbrella
nan – what *
arigatou gozaimasu – thank you
doumo arigatou gozaimasu – more polite than arigatou gozaimasu

Both nan and nani mean what.
When to use nan or nani? Nani is used before the particles ga, o and mo. Nan is used before no, de and da/desu. Before ka and ni, both can be used interchangeably. Nani is preferred in more formal language.

Useful sentence:

What’s this in Japanese?
[Kore wa] Nihongo de nan desu ka.




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