Basic Japanese Ep. 2 Part 2

This clip contains a rerun of Skit 1 shown in episode 1.


Essential vocabulary:

Harigane kaesu – wire bending/wire shaping. Harigane means wire, kaesu means to change
jitensha – bicycle
herikoputaa – helicopter
hikouki – airplane
jidousha – car
kuruma – car
anou – err
purezento – present
are – that (far from the speaker or listener)
hanabi – fireworks
mo – also (particle)
rajio – radio
iie – no
dewa arimasen – negative of desu. plain form is dewa nai or ja nai.

* Notice that the positive answer to a question containing mo, mo is used. But the negative answer does not contain the mo anymore. Instead, wa is used.



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