Kanji no benkyou – Kanji study

To study kanji, we will use the jouyou kanji list. This list is composed of the kyouiku kanji list (1009 kanji) and additional kanji taught in secondary school (939 kanji).

Jouyou 常用 means daily use. Kyouiku 教育 means education or training.

Below are the kyouiku kanji list which is divided into 6 grades. Click on the image to view full version. You can also download an excel file of the kyouiku kanji grade list here.

This will be how we will go about our kanji study:

Item Kyouiku JLPT
  Kyouiku grade 1 80  
  Kyouiku grade 2 160  
  JLPT level 4   80
  Kyouiku grade 3 200  
  JLPT level 3   166
  Kyouiku grade 4 200  
  Kyouiku grade 5 185  
  JLPT level 2   740
  Kyouiku grade 6 181  
  Secondary kanji 939  
  JLPT level 1   1244
  total 1945 2230

The purpose of this is for us to learn the commonly used kanji first and then map these learned kanji to that of list provided for the JLPT. I have observed that some commonly used kanji are found only later in higher levels of the JLPT.

As much as possible, let us try to finish Kyouiku grades 1 and 2 and JLPT level 4 before January ends. I dont think this will be difficult to do since these are very easy kanji. By then, I won’t be converting these learned kanji to its hiragana text in my posts. Kyouiku grade 3 and JLPT level 3 will follow. Target end of study for these will be end of February. Kyouiku grades 4 and 5 and JLPT level 2 will end on the last week of April. This is also the target end of my study for JLPT level 2 grammar and vocabulary.

I hope I can have the time everyday to update my posts so we won’t be behind schedule.

Ja, ganbarimashou!




8 Responses to Kanji no benkyou – Kanji study

  1. Kiba 20 says:

    kyoiku is not from 強い or 行く.
    kyoiku is from 教える and 育つ。

  2. shiRoi says:

    thanks for the correction 🙂
    missed to check this before posting ^_^

    anyway i dont think i mentioned kyou was the same kanji as tsuyoi. or did i? ^_~

  3. Ryan says:

    The link to the excel file of kyouiku kanji is down. If you have a copy could you send it to my email.

  4. Sneakgab says:

    Does this site have the junior high kanji?

    Doesn’t seem like this site is still active though I guess I’ll find out soon enough (kind of).

  5. shiRoi says:

    sorry i have not maintained this site for a long time already T_T

    im not sure if i have the kanji list you are looking for 😦

  6. N2 ikitai desu no de, dou shitara ii desu ka,, demo kanji gak oboerarenai?..

  7. echi says:

    i want to study kanji too ^_^

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