Kanji Mnemonics 一 二 三

Kanji mnemonics are “sometimes” useful in memorizing kanji. Below is a table of the mnemonics for yesterday’s kanji.

  Kanji Mnemonics
  one finger
  two fingers
  three fingers
  four fingers in clenched fist
  a reel is better than five fingers
  eight topped by six?!
  badly written ten again: now worth only seven
  eight can be easily divided
  less than perfect ten: worth only nine
  all points considered, ten out of ten
  score one hundred with one white thumbnail
  that one person is worth a thousand others

I still prefer 1, 2 or 3 lines rather than fingers. Its makes more sense to me.😀
As for the other kanji:

  Kanji My Mnemonics
  there are four sides in a square
  it kind of looks like the number 5
  It’s the number 7 rotated clockwise (the number 7 with a line
  the first letter of the word ten is letter t
  after 100 years your hair becomes white 白(い)
  the first letter of the word thousand is the letter T (Thousand is bigger than ten)

Additional kanji resources:

  Kanji Link

Try to browse through these pages to find more sentence examples.


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  1. […] the numbers. Some people also like to remember kanji by using kanji mnemonics. I have also written Kanji Mnemonics for 一二三 here. Have a look at it and see if this approach suits […]

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