Level 2 Grammar – nikurabete

~に比べ / ~に比べて
~にくらべ / ~にくらべて

~nikurabe / ~nikurabete

意味: Compared to~
接続: [名]+に比べて
例文 1:

Ani ni kurabete, otoutou wa yoku benkyou suru.
Compared to my elder brother, younger brother studies well.

ani – older brother
otoutou – younger brother
yoku – well
benkyou suru – to study. benkyou means study.

例文 2:

Sakunen ni kurabete kotoshi wa haru no otozure ga hayakatta.
Spring has come early this year compared with last year.

sakunen – last year
kotoshi – this year
haru – spring
otozure – arrival, visit
hayakatta – was early. Hayakatta is the past tense of hayai which means early or fast.

I think this is an easy grammar point to study.



3 Responses to Level 2 Grammar – nikurabete

  1. Sirione says:

    Atashi ni kurabete, CHER-chan wa nihongo ga yoku wakaru ne..
    (grammtically correct?)

  2. shiRoi says:

    grammatically correct or not, it is still incorrect… accdg to facts :”>

  3. tyrell says:

    isn’t 良くwell and not よく? I thought the hiragana one is often and the kanji one is well, plus isn’t 良く a suru verb? wouldn’t it be 勉強良くする for studies well? or like 日本とアメリカ関係良くしたい?

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