Kanji Study – Monday Tuesday

Today we will learn 8 kanji – year, month, day, and the 7 days of the week.

Kanji English On Kun Link1 Link2
year nen toshi click click
day, sun nichi hi click click
month; moon gatsu or getsu tsuki click click
fire ka hi click click
water sui mizu click click
tree moku ki click click
gold kin kane click click
soil do tsuchi click click

Click on Link1 value to open jlpt-kanji.com page.
Click on Link2 value to open japanesepage.com page.

The kanjis 日 to 土 are used as days of the week in Japanese.

If you take its On-yomi (On-reading) + youbi, you get the Japanese days of the week

  Japanese English
  Nichiyoubi Sunday
  Getsuyoubi Monday
  Kayoubi Tuesday
  Suiyoubi Wednesday
  Mokuyoubi Thursday
  Kinyoubi Friday
  Douyoubi Saturday

日 (hi) means sun while 月 means moon. You can see easily its relation to English’s Sunday and Monday. Refer to this post to know some facts about the Japanese days of the week as well as the Japanese months.

Notice how the Kanji are used in the calendar shown below – for the date and weekdays:

So if you see a Japanese calendar, all you need to remember are the 7 kanji in our set today. Then you will be able to determine which day of the week a certain date falls. And also, you won’t have trouble determining which day the calendar starts (some calendars start Monday 月 or Sunday 日).

These are the kanji mnemonics by Henshall:

  Kanji Mnemonics
  person visits well every year
  sun with spot
  pitted crescent moon shining down
  flames of fire
  water squeezes between banks
  tree with sweeping branches
  two gold nuggets under cover of earth
  plant grows in eart

Other interesting mnemonics:

月 : This is a sun (日) with legs — the moon runs faster around the earth, therefore it needs legs
火 : Think of it as sparks coming from a person
水 : Squeeze a river (川 kawa) and you get water (mizu)
木 : This is a tree with 2 low hanging branches
土 : It’s a cross in the ground



2 Responses to Kanji Study – Monday Tuesday

  1. KliCk says:

    I really like the days of the week, Its interesting how the different kanji came about. Anyway~ AKEMASHITE OMEDETOU GOZAIMASU! Woo! 2007!

    You said in a post a while ago ” by the way, have you already taken the JLPT? what level are you now? are you doing self-study? or do you go to school to attend japanese classes? ”

    Nope, I haven’t taken the JLPT test at all, I could maybe understand about half, or the majority of level 4 (thats the first level correct?) And Sadly my school does not give japanese classes *sigh* But in college there will be classes for me to take. I’ve just really been teaching myself through the internet, music, my family (They help me to buy a lot of the books I have and so on…), and just recently I found out that my new neighbor is Japanese, So I’ve spoken to her in Japanese… It was very fun!

    Well, see you later! Mata ne!

  2. Kenji says:

    Please provide me with kanji letters informations to learn more about japanese.its getting difficult to learn kanji,so i request to help with suggestions too.

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