Level 2 Grammar – ni shitagatte

~にしたがい / ~にしたがって
~ni shitagai / ~ni shitagatte
*sometimes in kanji に従って

意味: ~と一緒に <一方の変化とともに他方も変わることを表す。>
* With~ ; Following~ ; As~ (s.t. spontaneously and gradually occcurs in accordance with some change)
* as, accordingly; in proportion to; in accordance with; following

接続: [動–辞書形;名]+にしたがって
類語: 「~とともに」のCの意味;「~につれて」


高く – high (from takai)
登る – climb
見晴らし – view
よくなった – become better (from yoi meaning good). natta means became


約束 – appointment, promise
借金 – borrowed money
一か月後 – after one month
かえした – returned (kaesu)

The verbs in both main and subordinate clauses do not express a momentary action, but a continuous process (except in the case of N ni shitagatte/shitagai). Example:

X たばこを吸うのをやめるに従って、体の調子がよくなった。
O たばこをやめたら、体の調子がよくなった。

吸う – to smoke
体 – body, health
調子 – condition
やめたら – after [i] stopped (yameru)

The difference between shitagatte and shitagai is stylistical. The latter is usually used in written Japanese whereas the former can be used in both spoken and written style.


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