Level 2 Grammar – ni taishite

~に対し / ~に対して(は) / ~に対しても / ~に対する
~にたいし / ~にたいして(は) / ~にたいしても / ~にたいする
~ni taishi / ~ni taishite(wa) / ~ni taishitemo / ~ni taisuru

意味: ~に <対象 ・ 相手を示す。>
* As for ; To ; Toward; About ; same as に
接続: [名]+に対して


        お客様 – guest, customer
        失礼 – rude
        言ってはいけません – cannot say

*V(inf) and Adj(inf) + のに対して express contrast/comparison (English : whereas)
N に対して and N {na/dearu/datta/deatta} のに対して differ in meaning.

        N に対して – express attitude/action toward N
        N {na/dearu/datta/deatta} のに対して – means “whereas”

*Also expresses the sense of per as in:

        The commission charge will be 500 yen per 10,000 yen.

* に対しての or ~に対する – prenominal form. N1 ni taisuru/taishite no N2 means N2 in regard to N1. ex:

        American views of Russia have recently become friendlier.

It can also mean “against” in this example:

        There wasn’t a counterargument against the economist’s thesis.

* 対して can be replaced by 対し in written Japanese or formal speech.


6 Responses to Level 2 Grammar – ni taishite

  1. Shamer says:

    No romaji? Useless site.


      HAHAHAAHAHAHAAHHAAHHAHA I hope you’re being sarcastic, otherwise I feel extremely sorry for you.

  2. Miguel says:

    Thanks for the explanation of this compound particle finally got the gist of it.

  3. knl says:

    Good explanation. I have to practice this for a couple weeks until I get my head around it.

  4. choi says:

    very nice explanation.. its very helpful

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