Level 2 Grammar – ni totte

~にとって(は) / ~にとっての / ~にとっても
~ni totte (wa) / ~ni totte no / ~ni totte mo

意味: ~の立場から見ると <後ろには判断や評価がくる。>
* From the standpoint of; so far as N is concerned
* For~ ; To~ (a judgment or assessment will follow this expression)
接続: [名]+にとって




* にとって cannot mark a noun which represents the experiencer or agent. In this case, には is used:
ー> この仕事は私 {には/*にとって} できない。

* にとっての is the prenominal form of にとって. には has no prenominal form.
には gives a sense of contrast in some contexts while にとって does not.  In the following sentence


it can imply that not for others but for us, or at least for us, this is a problem which cannot be ignored. The sentence with にとって does not have this implication.


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