Level 2 Grammar – ni tsuite

~について(は) / ~についての / ~についても / ~につき
~ni tsuite (wa) / ~ni tsuite no / ~ni tsuite mo / ~ni tsuki

意味: <話したり考えたりする内容を表す。>
* About~ ; Concerning~
接続: [名]+について
例文 1:


        経済 – economy
        研究しています – [is] researching (kenkyuu suru)

例文 2:


        コンピューター – computer
        使い方 – how to use (tsukai + kata)
        本 – book
        ほしい – want

例文 3:


* The は in ~について(は) gives emphasis to the topic of the sentence.

* N1 についての N2 – N2 concerning N1

* について is similar to にかんして and のこと (no entries yet).
について is less formal than にかんして

The difference between N について and N のこと is:

        N について – about / concerning N
        N のこと – ‘things about N

as illustrated in the following examples:

        Do you know Mr. Tanaka?
        Do you know about Mr. Tanaka?
        Do you know (things) about Mr. Tanaka?

        知っています – know

In 完全マスター2級日本語能力試験文法問題対策, an example for につき is:


For your information: More about につき
A. In 日本語文法辞典―中級編, the entry for ~につき is as follows:

~につき is a compound particle which expresses a rate or ratio (similar to 当たり atari)
* a; per; for; on; to


Also, when a number before ni tsuki is one and a noun does not immediately precede that number, ni tsuki may be dropped, as in “この仕事は一時間(につき)六ドラもらえる。”

*についてcan be used instead of につき, although について is less common. “この仕事は一時間について六ドラもらえる。”

B. In jgram.org, another entry for につき means due to. Sample sentence: “工事につき電車は不通です。 ” This is grammar point 126 in our list.


2 Responses to Level 2 Grammar – ni tsuite

  1. Eug. says:

    Thank you, v.useful and clear examples ❤

  2. Pickles says:

    Very helpful. This grammar point is something that frequently appears while learning Japanese. I’ve always been able to guess as to how it’s to be used and what it means, but it’s nice to finally see a clear explanation of it!

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