[JLPT-N2] Refresh

This week, I and a friend of mine decided to refresh our Japanese and test ourselves by taking JLPT. She decides to take N3 while I will try my luck with N2. It has been almost four years since I moved out of Japan so most of my Japanese have mostly gone down the drain (thus, the Harry Potter review).

So I set off to Kinokuniya bookstore to buy myself the 完全マスター grammar book for JLPT level 2 (the old system) to replace the one that I lost. However, when I got there I decided to take the 新完全マスター for N2 to be updated with the new system. I’ve never had a check on the difference with the two ever since it got implemented. I also bought a grammar testing book 中級日本語文法要点整理ポイント20, although it is not specific to the JLPT levels.


I also had a look at the Japanese Dictionary for Advanced Grammar to complete my set but I was surprised to find that the book costs a little more than SGD80. 😦 They were the new revisions though but the price was off from my expected price. But I guess one day I’ll have to return and buy it anyway.

I’ve also had a look way back on my blog and found my post on my JLPT 2 study plan but I lost all the files I put up. I’ve also moved a lot since then and can’t seem to find those files on any of my drives. So in the coming days I will draft a new plan (updated with the new N2 level).

Watch out for that. 🙂



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